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Build Fulfilling Relationships

Sometimes our relationships get off Bluebird Couple in Relationshiptrack or are not as nourishing and rich as we want. You may notice disharmony or a loss of intimacy.  You may feel annoyed, hurt, stuck, confused or just wanting more.  This relationship is important to you and you want it to feel harmonic and pleasant.  You may want this relationship to grow and thrive through the ages.

Sometimes we get off track and stuck in a pattern that is not helpful.  We all have knee-jerk reactions and may not know what triggers them.  And we all translate incoming information through our own personal filters.  As a guide, coach and counselor with over 20 years experience, I help to identify and unravel these stuck patterns.

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Learning additional communication skills can also help to get you back on track.  We all want to feel heard, understood and appreciated.  Communicating from a relaxed and centered position will often be helpful.

Mindfulness skills can assist to create a calm and accepting platform from which to relate.  (See more Thoughts on Mindfulness.)  Coming from a place of calmness allows more of our authentic self to come forward.  When we have more acceptance in our relationships, we can connect with more closeness and intimacy.  I can teach these skills to enrich your relationships as they have mine.

The simple act of being completely present to another person is truly an act of love.  —  Sharon Salzberg

By developing compassion and understanding of our own parts, it is easier to understand and feel compassion for others.  We are all connected to the world and people in it.  We are in relationships that are important to us and we want them to thrive.  When we are thriving and whole, it is easier for our relationships to thrive and be whole.

Healing the small and the big issues leads to more joy and harmony.  We can work on and heal these relationships with or without the other person present.  These relationships could include marriage, couple, pre-marriage, partnership, parent-child, employer-employee, sibling, as well as others.  I can teach skills and help you build fulfilling relationships with the people important to you.

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