Path to a More Whole and Fulfilling Life

path to healing with psychotherapyIs your life following a path that feels right and is getting you where you want to go?  A transition, such as retirement, job change, move, health concern, marriage or divorce, may have thrown you off track.  You may feel stuck in an old pattern or as if something is missing.  Psychotherapy can get you on track.

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Something in you may feel stressed, worried or sad.   That part may have grown big and overwhelmed you.  You know your life is missing something or not on track.  Together we can find the path to your stable, calm, whole, joyful and balanced self.  We build on your strengths connecting you to your deeper wisdom.

Stress may have become chronic.  You may feel overwhelmed most of the time.  Past trauma may still have a big influence on your daily life.  With psychotherapy, we can build resources in your present life and then gently and carefully dip into the past to move your life forward.  Life eases as we heal those past traumas and live life fully today.

Do you have inner peace?  Discord within may cause strain in your life and relationships.   We each need to heal these inner relationships to feel whole, be in harmony and have peace and comfort within. When we have more compassion and peace within ourselves, it follows that our relationships with others have more compassion and peace.

Often relaxation techniques create a foundation to ease the turmoil within.  Research continues to support the many  benefits of mindfulness practice.  Mindfulness increases awareness of the present moment with the qualities of gentleness, non-judgement, curiosity, compassion and respect.  As we cultivate these qualities, they become more and more a part of our everyday experiences with ourselves and others.

The wisdom of the body is there to unfold and experience mindfully bringing in information in a new way. We all have inner parts that are just waiting for us to pay attention and listen.  Using the qualities of mindfulness to spend time with our self in the moment creates a pause for these inner resources to be heard and develops a calm clarity.

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us. —  Ralph Waldo Emerson

You may sense that something is holding you back from making the changes you want to make.   I can act as a catalyst and we can work together to make the changes you want.  All of us contain unique strengths and resources, which I appreciate and cultivate.  With this‚ new opportunities‚ possibilities and choices emerge.  As your guide and counselor,  I can help to connect you to your inner wisdom and inspire a harmony of mind‚ body and spirit.

With over 20 years experience, I integrate many tools to most benefit you  (See more about my tools.)  You can get unstuck.  I can help you with the everyday steps on a path that feels right to you and gets you where you want to go with inner peace, wholeness and balance.

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