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Finding Your Path with Health Concerns: Chronic Illness, Pain and/or Surgery

path to living well with a health concern or painDo you have a new medical diagnosis?  Maybe you were just told your pain will be ongoing. You might be overwhelmed with treatment choices.  Sad because you’ve lost your formerly good health.  Angry because it happened to you.  Just want to get on with your life.  Don’t know what to do next.

You may have grown up like me with the adage, “If you have your health, you have everything”.  And you now have a health concern.  You may feel like you’ve lost everything.  It’s time to regroup.

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Your path to living well with a medical condition is unique and there for you to discover.  I will walk with you on that journey as someone to truly support, teach skills and help heal the emotional consequences.  Hypnosis or Guided Imagery, Mindfulness and Somatic Experiencing techniques can be helpful to increase relaxation, comfort and well-being.  A medical challenge may mean a time for change, a time to focus on health and create a life well-lived in the moment.

Chronic pain is ongoing stress and traumatic.  Pain is often best addressed from both the medical and psychological perspectives.  Pain signals from the brain which may start as a safety warning for us to change something can become perpetual.  Bringing in other signals can reduce the impact of the pain signals.  We can learn to do this and gain some control back from the pain.  There is hope.  A number of mindfulness and imagery techniques are often helpful.

You may be facing surgery.  As a surgeon once told me, surgery is a “controlled trauma”.  Emotions may be all over the place.  Preparing ourselves to face this and the aftermath takes courage and the skills to feel safe and calm.  The good news is that this is a trauma we can prepare for and heal after.  Somatic Experiencing can help resolve the trauma from medical procedures and chronic pain.  I can support you, teach you skills and give you tools, for pre- and post-surgery and work with the surrounding emotions.

I walk my own path.  I have multiple medical diagnoses and have survived multiple surgeries.  These tools have helped me.  With over 20 years helping people,  I have the skills to help you find ease and comfort.

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