Over 50

And Wondering What’s Next

We have the opportunity to explore and redefine our life path becoming even more who we want to be. As the landscape changes, it may be time to change our path and get help to create the path we want. We can change the surface of the path, the direction of the path, how we move our body on the path, the shoes we wear, our beliefs about the path and other parameters. Aging, we move into our years of greater wisdom.  Our priorities, health and relationships are likely to change.

Priorities in how we spend our time and choosing who we want to spend it with shift. Finding meaning and a purpose may feel more pressing. Identifying and doing what we love becomes more important.  This may be the time to clarify and follow your dreams.  Retirement may totally change schedules. There is time to explore, learn new things and sense into what our priorities are and how to live them. Savoring our moments and remembering the positive enhances our lives.

Our health changes and we often need to give our body more attention and care. Physical activity enhances physical health, cognitive functioning and longevity. This becomes more important than ever. More time may be spent in doctors’ offices or worrying about health concerns. New technologies are extending function. People are living longer. Our beliefs about our health affect our health. Focusing on what is working and what feels good is paramount.

Relationships typically become more important. We tend to want to spend more time with friends and family. We can sense our relationship priorities and choose accordingly. Care taking of parents and siblings increases; children may be leaving or have left home, changing family dynamics. Adding grandchildren means more change. There may be loss of loved ones so there is a need to continue cultivating connections. The Girl Scout song, “Make new friends but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold”, is still true. We need love and connection.

I have been helping people through transitions for over 20 years and am over 50. I am not someone to tell you what to do. I am someone who can facilitate your deep sense of what you want. Then be with you and honor your inner wisdom so it can fully develop.  (For more about me click here.)  By giving you the safe space to explore with someone who is fully present to you, you can create the path you want.

Yes, we are changing and change can be positive. We can add skills and rework our path to move forward with our choices. It is time to savor every moment and look for awe. Let’s work together to nurture the positive changes and create the path you want.

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